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Colliery Timeline:

1961 : December : First million tonnes of coal produced in a year.

1968 :
February : Manager - Mr W.T. Elliott departs from the colliery
September : Rapid loading Bunker completed

1969 : 600,000 pounds N.C.B. says is to be invested for new reserves.

1970 : Project began to develop Low Bright/Brinsley Seam

1972 :
September : Brinsley Seam - C1's face commenced

1973 :
November : Brinsley Seam - C2's face commenced

1975 : New Larger Baum Washboxes installed on the Coal Preperation Plant
March : Brinsley Seam - C4's face commenced

1977 :
December : Last production face in High Seam finished

1979 : 750 tonne surface bunker commissioned - Number 2 shaft has new headgear, pulley wheels and larger winding engine fitted and also its skip payload scheme is raised from 10.5 tonnes to 12.5 

1980 :
January : Completion of the fitting of new ventilation fan and face drift

1982 : Now employs approximately 1500 men. 

1988 : Given three months to improve performance, by British Coal, or face closure

1992 : Calverton Colliery, which now employs 749 men, along with 7 other Nottinghamshire mines, are to close British Coal announces. This coming in the same week that the pit broke the weekly production record of 40,500 tonnes.

1993 : The Conservative Government announce that the pit will not after all be closed, just that the workforce will be trimmed down. They say 640 miners will have to go within 16 days. ITV news report 
here .
November 19 : British Coal closes the Colliery

1994 : 
May 23 : A company comes in to lease the mine for a 10 year period that firm is R.J.B Mining. They say they are to increase the workforce from 150 to 300 men.

1996 : R.J.B extends their lease to 25 years - Calverton Colliery has a very bright future it seems.​

1997 : R.J.B. Mining suspends all investment in the colliery

1999 : Press release - 9th April 1999 - Mining is to cease at Calverton Colliery and the operating lease and licence returned to owners The Coal Authority by current licensee operators R.J.B Mining. Calverton was closed by British Coal in 1993 and reopened by R.J.B the following year. Since then,the mine has produced over 2.5 million tonnes of coal. But R.J.B announced today that deteriorating geological conditions in the limited remaining accessible reserves, leading to higher production costs, have made "ongoing operations unviable, both now and in the forseeable future." Production at Calverton,will cease next week. About 40 men will be retained to secure the underground areas and recover items of equipment, and about 100 will be offered transfers to other R.J.B mines. Redundant employees will receive severance payments based on their earnings and years of service, as well as three months' pay in respect of the statutory 90-day consultation period. Richard Budge, R.J.B's Chief Executive, said: "Given the dedication and effort that everyone has made, we are disappointed that we have been unable to maintain operations for a longer period. We can only hope that the commitment our employees have shown will encourage new employers to take advantage of their undoubted skills."

Some 25-30 million tons of coal remained in the ground at Calverton.

Three hundred jobs were lost although, reflecting an ever more mobile population, only around 40 miners lived in Calverton by this point.

A documentary was made about the miners plight. It was filmed on location at Calverton. Warning, these are miners working in extreme conditions so do not enter if swearing easily offends you. (This site is not responsible for items on external websites)
  1. Into the Black (Seam 1)
  2. Into the Black (Seam 2)
  3. Into the Black (Seam 3)
  4. Into the Black (Seam 4)
  5. Into the Black (Seam 5)
  6. Into the Black (Seam 6)

April 16 : Production finished by R.J.B. Mining at the colliery
July 9 : The mine was closed for good and handed back to the Coal Authority
September : Filling of Number 2 shaft begun
October 29 : First demolition of colliery buildings (part of Number 1 Pit Top near Tippler)

2000 :
January 19 : Demolition of Number 1 Headgear
February 6 : Demolition of Rapid Loading Bunker and 750 Tonne Bunker
February 13 : Demolition of Number 2 Headgear
March 28 : Final demolition of Office block 

2005 :
September 10 : Memorial is officially unveiled. Situated on the site of the old colliery on Hollinwood Lane.

​​The memorial is half of a winding wheel used on one of the colliery headstocks. This project would never have been started never mind completed without the huge efforts of Messers Mick Lloyd, Mick Dodd, Colin Moss, Pete Holland, Alan Stepp, Pete Nash, Viv Corcoran, Doug Knight, Bill Bowman, George Keig, Chris Peck, Mick Truman, Arthur Woodward, Shaun Long, NCC and Richard Carlisle Tuxford.

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  1. 27's District, circa 1990
    27's District, circa 1990
  2. 1953 colliery football team
    1953 colliery football team
  3. 1956 Num Banner parade
    1956 Num Banner parade
  4. 1960s Inter-face football side
    1960s Inter-face football side
  5. 1969 Apprenticeship advert
    1969 Apprenticeship advert
  6. Alan Purser and family
    Alan Purser and family
  7. Hollinwood Lane by Les Yates
    Hollinwood Lane by Les Yates
  8. Pointillism by Les Yates
    Pointillism by Les Yates
  9. Last Fag (2012) by Les Yates
    Last Fag (2012) by Les Yates
  10. NUM Banner by Les Yates
    NUM Banner by Les Yates
  11. Arriving buses by Les Yates
     Arriving buses by Les Yates
  12. The "Cathedral" by Les Yates
    The "Cathedral" by Les Yates
  13. Bill Pye being frisked
    Bill Pye being frisked
  14. Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 1
    Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 1
  15. Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 2
    Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 2
  16. Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 3
    Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 3
  17. Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 4
    Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 4
  18. Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 5
    Carl Wilkinson leaves the mine 5
  19. Notts Alliance winners circa 1972
    Notts Alliance winners circa 1972
  20. Deputies leaving bash
    Deputies leaving bash
  21. Early 1960s colliery cricket team
    Early 1960s colliery cricket team
  22. Fatalities
  23. Les Havill in the firestation
    Les Havill in the firestation
  24. Heading crew early 1990s
    Heading crew early 1990s
  25. Headstocks model by John Burton
    Headstocks model by John Burton
  26. In the papers 1946
    In the papers 1946
  27. In the papers 1954
    In the papers 1954
  28. Lamp and Coal memento
    Lamp and Coal memento
  29. Manrider circa early 1970s
    Manrider circa early 1970s
  30. Minecar memorial
    Minecar memorial
  31. NUM banner on parade
    NUM banner on parade
  32. NUM men
    NUM men
  33. Pit ponies
    Pit ponies
  34. The Day Shift by Keith Brown
    The Day Shift by Keith Brown
  35. Calverton Pit by R.L. Harvey
    Calverton Pit by R.L. Harvey
  36. Calvo Pit by Leslie Yates
    Calvo Pit by Leslie Yates
  37. 20138 going through..
    20138 going through..
  38. Railway tracks
    Railway tracks
  39. Railway line
    Railway line
  40. Railway turn
    Railway turn
  41. Record breakers
    Record breakers
  42. 1992 Record breakers
    1992 Record breakers
  43. Arthur Holt & Eric Clark
    Arthur Holt & Eric Clark
  44. Surface fitters
    Surface fitters
  45. Wagon label
    Wagon label