In 1855, Queen Victoria was on the British throne, Viscount Palmerston became Prime Minister and the famed explorer, David Livingstone, discovered the Victoria Falls . . . but who and what was around in Calverton?​

A vicarage, value £127, with 210 acres of glebe land, has the Reverend Samuel Oliver as its incumbent. The building is a gift of the Prebendary of Oxton, in the collegiate church of Southwell. The church of St Wilfrid is a stone building, and has a tower and 2 bells. The Wesleyans, Primitive Methodists, and Baptists have each a chapel in this village. There is also a free school for boys, endowed with £40 per annum and a house, for which the master teaches all the boys for 2d. a week. The poor receive the rents of three closes, which were bequeathed by Jane Pepper. The population, in 1851, was 1427; acreage, about 3300. The Duke of Newcastle is Lord of the manor. The Reverend William Lee, inventor of the stocking frame, was born here. Now 400 frames are at work in the village alone. Lady Sherbrooke resides at the Hall. Here is brick earth. The township is watered by the Dover Beck on the north-east. There are many plantations and covers.

Salterford is a manor, 2 and a half mile north-west. On Cockpit Hill, 521 feet high, is an ancient camp. Hollinwood is 2 miles west; Ramsdale 2 miles west; Georges Lane, half a mile south-west; Bonner Hill, half a mile south; Fox Wood, 1 mile south; Grimes Moor Lane, half a mile south-east; Broom House, Thorndale and the flats, three quarters of a mile north.  


Mr Samuel Farley
Reverend Samuel Oliver (Vicar)
Mr John Piggin (Redgate)
Mr Joseph Potts
Lady Sherbrooke (resides at the Hall)
Reverend Samuel Ward (Baptist)


George Allcock (Harness maker)
William Baguley (Admiral Rodney Innkeeper)
William Baines (Joiner & Wheelwright)
Christopher Beckett (Farmer)
William Bell (Shoemaker & Parish Clerk)
Thomas Bennett (Wheelwright)
Abel Binch (Co-op Storekeeper)
William Clifton (Tailor)
John Collyer (Joiner)
William Cooper (Farmer)
William Cooper Junior (Shopkeeper)
Francis Cully (Shoemaker)
David Cundy (Carrier)
Samuel Farley Junior (Tinman & Brazier)
Samuel Fletcher (White Lion Innkeeper & Maltster)
William Forman (Framesmith)
Vincent Godler (Farmer)
William Grocock (Blacksmith)
Richard Hallam (Shopkeeper)
George Harvey (Farmer)
Cornelius Hind (Tailor & Shopkeeper)
John Hind (Hosiery Manufacturer)
Richard Knapp (Farmer)
Mrs Sarah Lee (Dressmaker)
Miss Anne Lindley (Establishment for young ladies at Burnor House)
Alfred Marriott (Framesmith)
Aaron Meads (Shopkeeper)
Richard Millns (Farmer & Land Agent)

William Monks (Tailor)
Henry Moore (Farmer at the Lodge)
John Moore (Farmer)
William Goodacre Moore (Butcher & Shopkeeper)
Robert Moss (Farmer)
Richard Patching (Bricklayer)
William Patching (Joiner & Wheelwright)
John Pearson (Shoemaker & Shopkeeper)
Thomas Pepper (Farmer)
Thomas Pilkerton (Farmer at Tithe) 
William Reavill (Beer Retailer)
Samuel Robson (Shopkeeper)
William Roworth (Blacksmith & Postmaster)
Matthew Shepherd (Master of free School) 
William Skinner (Wheelwright & Shopkeeper)
John Stubbins (Shopkeeper)
Samuel Taylor (Baker)
William Taylor (Carrier)
Miss Ellen Ward (Day School)
William Ward (Farmer)
Thomas Warrick (Cowleech)
David Watson (Bricklayer)
Thomas Watson (Beer Retailer)
William  Watson (Bricklayer)
James Weightman (Farmer)
James Webberly (Butcher)
William Wilmot (Butcher)
John Wood (Farm Bailiff at Sansom Wood)
John Wood (Farmer)
William Wood (Tailor)
William Wright (Farmer)

Post Office

William Roworth, postmaster. Letters are received from Nottingham : arrive at half past 10am ; dispatched at half past 4pm. The nearest money order office is at Nottingham.

Carriers to Nottingham

David Cundy, monday, wednesday, friday and saturday ; William Taylor, wednesday and saturday.