During 1999, the acclaimed film maker Shane Meadows, decided to make a movie on location in the village. That film was called, ​A Room For Romeo Brass.

Two adjoining houses on Lee Road, numbers 41 and 43, were used for an awful lot of the films plot. Including inside and out. The Cantrill and Teasdale families were both relocated to other houses for a month or so, in exchange for a tidy sum of money. 

Other parts of the village used included; Mews Lane, St Wilfrids Square, Crookdole Lane, Lee Road Garages and the James Seely Main Street Park.

  1. Walking up Mews Lane
    Walking up Mews Lane
  2. Polly's Field (now Marshall Close)
    Polly's Field (now Marshall Close)
  3. Outside 41 and 43 Lee Road
    Outside 41 and 43 Lee Road
  4. Walking past 16 St Wilfrids Square
    Walking past 16 St Wilfrids Square
  5. St Wilfrids Square.
    St Wilfrids Square.
  6. On the James Seely park
    On the James Seely park
  7. 18 St Wilfrids Square converted
    18 St Wilfrids Square converted
  8. St Wilfrids Square view
    St Wilfrids Square view

The Plot: Romeo and Gavin have been best mates for as long as they can remember. Tough but incredibly charasmatic, the roly-poly Romeo can be as brutish as he is sweet. Conversely, his little friend Gavin is timid and retiring, crippled by a back problem that causes him to limp. Though their lives are rife with hardships and familial dysfunction, the boys always manage to share a laugh and scrabble together a sense of fun. 
Then one day an older stranger rescues them from a street scuffle and, in a relationship that invites disaster, begins to wedge the lifelong friends apart. Romeo thinks its cool a grown-up wants to be his friend, but he soon discovers his new pal is a borderline psychotic and he's also stalking his pretty older sister.
Cast List: 

Martin Arrowsmith = Dennis Wardrobe
Dave Blunt = School Pianist
Darren O. Campbell = Darren
Paddy Considine = Morrell
Shaun Fields = Male Nurse
Julia Ford = Sandra Woolley
Paul Fraser = Physiotherapist
Ladene Hall = Carol Brass
Frank Harper = Joe Brass
Nicholas Harvey = Neighbour Lad # 2
James Higgins = Bill Woolley
Bob Hoskins = Steven Laws
Vicky McClure = Ladine Brass
Ben Marshall = Gavin 'Knocks' Woolley
Shane Meadows = Fish and Chip Shop Man
Joel Morris = Park Lad # 1
Johann Myers = Clifford
Tanya Myers = Headmistress
Sammy Pasha = Ambulance Man
Jamahl Peterkin = Neighbour Lad # 1
Andrew Shim = Romeo Brass
James Tomlinson = Park Lad # 2

Released: 4th February 2000
Running Time: 90 mins Certificate: 15
Other Credits: 

Director = Shane Meadows
Producers = George Faber, Charles Pattinson
Executive Producers = Andras Hamori,
David M. Thompson
Line Producer = Ronaldo Vasconcellos
Screenplay = Shane Meadows, Paul Fraser
Original Music = Nick Hemming
Cinematography = Ashley Rowe
Film editing = Paul Tothill
Casting = Abi Cohen
Production Design = Crispian Sallis
Costume Design = Robin Fraser-Paye
Make-up Department = Tapio Salmi
Production Management = Mike Day
Assistant Directors = Jane Burgess, Sean Guest, James Haven
Art Department = Joanna Foley, Tony Rycyk,
Lucinda Sturgis
Sound Department = Paul Hamblin,

Jon Hemming,
Catherine Hodgson, Colin Nicolson
Visual Effects = Phil Attfield, Rebecca Farhall,
Tom Hocking
Stunts = Glenn Marks
Focus Puller = Ian Clark
Title Designer = Pauline Hume
Music Supervisor = Bob Last
Story Editor = Robyn Slovo