There was no electric lighting in Calverton up until the late 1920's, although this does not seem to have greatly hampered the social life of the village or made local people feel unsafe.

'There was no electricity in the village and paraffin lamps were the usual means of light for the home in the evening, with no street lights at all. St. Wilfrids School was the main place for all village functions; concerts, whist drives, dances etc. At most of the concerts all the entertainment was provided by local people and these were very popular events during the winter months.No doubt very few of the people who have come to Calverton in recent years would want to return to the conditions of the 'Good Old Days', and it was a happy time altogether since everybody knew everybody else and you could walk or play anywhere in or around the village without fear. In fact most folk never even thought of locking their doors at night. What would people nowadays say about that!! Electric lights eventually reached Calverton in 1926, as these extracts from the Parish Council meeting recall.

September 1926 - Letter to the Clerk of Basford Distict Council informing him that the Calverton Parish Council has decided to erect 12 lamps in the village, the cost to be £4.15s per lamp per annum. If demand is sufficient, another three lamps to be provided. It was the opinion of the meeting that the Church and four chapels, the Institute and the Coop and the three public houses would all take the 'Electric' for lighting purposes. In addition the factory will take it as long as it does not cost more than it would be produced by their own plant.

Positions of the proposed electric lights

1. Top buildings
2. Little Lane
3. Top of the town
4. The three holes
5. Factory cottage
6. Terry Pook
7. Burnor Pool
8. Burnor Hill Lane
9. Bottom Yard, Bottom Building
10. Wesleyan Chapel
11. Opposite Sid Belt's House
12. Georges Lane

This was then followed by a long silence on matter of street lighting in Calverton and then: 

The Clerk to write to the Notts and Derby Electric Light Co. asking them to take the electric light to Mansfield Lane Cottages, Georges Lane Cottages, Crookdole Lane Cottages, Burnor Hill and Flatts Lane Cottages.

The Council believe there will be a fair demand for electricity. It was moved that the Parish Council inspect the lights some dark night. Wednesday October 6th at 8pm was fixed upon.