How well do you know the village of Calverton?
1. Where is this early written recording of Calverton found?​​​​​​

2. Which Village Pub is unique in the fact that it is the only one in the UK with that name? (pubs not clubs)

3. During the years 1883-84, what disease was rampant at the Jonathan Labray School, actually causing the deaths of some pupils?

4. Which eccentric preacher was the most celebrated inhabitant of 21 Main Street?

​5. In his days at Sir John Sherbrooke School, who is this?

6. What road in the village shares its name with the place where the TV series The little house on the prairie was set?

7. What was opened by Mrs Betty Lees in the month of August 1988?

8. In St Wilfrids Church Burial yard, what is significant about the gravestone for Margaret Wilkins?

9. West Indian Jimmy Adams, and which villager, still holds the record for the highest 9th wicket partnership, for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club?

10. Who designed this St Wilfrid's Church window?

11. Can you unscramble these anagrams of people or things associated with the village; 

A. Well I Leave Reminder

B. Throw a Dud Arrow

C. Nosy Cleaner Fell O.K.

D. Shoehorn Jerks Biro

E. Maturing Clown Bonks Clever

F. Ordinary Medal

G. Penetrating Scratch

H. Corrupting Flags Blew

I. Resent Noble Arson

J. Terminates

12. What have 43 Bonner Lane and 111 Collyer Road both got in common? 

13. What shop is now on the site formerly occupied by Spar and One Stop?

  1. Question One
    Question One
  2. Question Five
    Question Five
  3. Question Ten
    Question Ten
  4. Question Fifteen
    Question Fifteen
14. What road in the village got its name by accident after a typing error?​​​​

15. These "revellers" are causing mayhem in which village Public House?

16. Thomas Hoyle held which post from 1956 to 1985?

17. What was the middle name of the famous British General Sir John Sherbrooke?

18. If all the roads in the village were put in alphabetical order, which one would come last?

19. In the past were the Solitaires?

20. In which year was Calverton officially twinned with the French village of Longue-Jumelles? 


1. Domesday Book
2. The Gleaners
3. Diphtheria
4. John Roe
5. Christopher Dean
6. Walnut Grove
7. Patchings Farm Art Centre
8. Oldest gravestone
9. Kevin Evans
10. Sheila Wood
11. A. Reverend William Lee, B. Arthur Woodward, C. Colonel Frank Seely, 

D. Sir John Sherbrooke, E. Calverton Working Mens Club, F. Admiral Rodney,
G. Patchings Art Centre, H. Springwater Golf Club, I. Bonner Lane Stores, 
J. Main Street
​12. No such address
13. Sainsbury's
14. Broadfields
15. Cherry Tree
16. Vicar of St Wilfrids church
17. Coape
18. Woods Lane
19. Jazz band
20. 1974