Born: June 10 1935​. Actor usually playing very posh people. 

Tim is the son of the late Major Frank James Wriothesley Seely (1901–1956), one time Master of the South Notts Hunt, and a great grandson of Sir Charles Seely, 1st Baronet. His mother was Vera Lilian Birkin, daughter of British Colonel Charles Wilfred Birkin (fourth son of a lace embroidery and tableware magnate of Nottingham, Sir Thomas Isaac Birkin) and his American wife, Claire Lloyd Birkin (née Howe). His aunt was Freda Dudley Ward, a mistress of King Edward VIII and wife of William Dudley Ward. 

He married, firstly, Anna Henrietta Maria St. Paul Butler, daughter of Horace George St. Paul Butler, in 1960. He and Anna Henrietta Maria St. Paul Butler were divorced. He later married, secondly, Anne C. Cartwright in 2001.

Tim was e​​ducated at Eton College, Berkshire. He studied at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

He made his professional debut in Tea and Sympathy at the Comedy Theatre, playing the juvenile lead Tom Lee, a role he repeated for Sam Wannamaker's New Shakespeare Theatre in Liverpool, along with Rodolpho in Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge. He played opposite Maggie Smith in The Stepmother at the St Martins Theatre. He has appeared in numerous TV plays, notably opposite Julie Christie in Dangerous Corners, and opposite Eileen Atkins in No Time for Heroes. Other work includes The Offshore Island, The Human Jungle, Crossroads, Emmerdale, Trainer, Kavanagh QC and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Tim was a member of the BBC Radio Drama Company, for whom he played the title role in Pericles. He has extensive experience of Shakespeare, having played Baptista, Capulet, Polonus, Leonata and the King of France.
Above right: Elizabeth Sellars, as Laura, the school master's wife,  with Tim as the introspective teenage student, in ​Tea and Sympathy.​​
  1. 'A Friend of the Sergeant Major'
    'A Friend of the Sergeant Major'
  2. 'Mutiny on the Bounty'
    'Mutiny on the Bounty'
In the late 1950s, he also took roles in film and television productions. One of his more prominent roles was Midshipmen Ned Young in the 1962 version of ​​​​Mutiny on the Bounty, where Seely played alongside Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard.​

He went on to appear in the Dustin Hoffman mystery Agatha (1979) and The Imitation Game (1980). Later, he acted in the drama Country (1981) with Rumpole of the Bailey actor, Leo McKern, Laughterhouse (1984) with Ian Holm and the Meryl Streep dramatic adaptation Plenty (1985). He also appeared in the Molly Ringwald comedy Strike It Rich (1990), King Ralph (1991) and Annie: A Royal Adventure (ABC, 1995-96). More recently, Tim acted in the Reese Witherspoon dramatic adaptation Vanity Fair (2004).